Bus Information

Bus Information

Additional information on busing/routes/eligibility can be found on the Niagara Student Transportation Services website. Contact information is provided as well as daily bus cancellations and delays. Inquires/concerns can be directed to the area co-ordinator for Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln, ann.erb@nsts.ca or to general@nsts.ca.

Bus drivers will follow the route paths shown to provide consistent drop off times at the scheduled stops. Drivers are to follow the route path as designed. They will be permitted to add stops along the route path, but will no longer be able to divert from the route's path. This should help with consistent times at drop off location.

Late Bus Information

Late Bus Routes for Grimsby, Beamsville, Jordan, Campden, Vineland, Smithville, St. Ann's and Caistor Centre

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