Chess Club

Moderator - Mrs. D. Kinzel
Season - Spring

The Chess Club continues its activities throughout the school year. Largely it is an in school activity; however, there are several county competitions held at various schools. In addition, Niagara Catholic hosts a board-wide competition.

Dance Team

Moderators - Mrs. D. Lavigne
Season -
Year Round
The dance team is a group of experienced dancers who learn dances throughout the year to be presented at school assemblies, pep rallies, masses, and other school events. The team also competes in three competitions per year. Opportunities are available for student choreography and members usually take part in local workshops throughout the year. The styles of dance studied are ballet, lyrical, jazz, modern, tap, and Spanish dancing. The team meets once a week for practice between the months of September and May.

Drama Club

Moderators - Mrs. Selluski
Season - Fall/Winter

An interactive and fun club focusing on improv and stand up comedy. All students are welcome. The Drama department most recently completed several shows for the feeder schools called the Stories of Robert Munsch.

Eco Club

Moderators - Mrs. M. Orrico-Gamble, Mr. M. Weber, Mrs. E. Brown
Season -
Year Round
Individuals and students work together to improve the environment. Students participate in school cleanups, recycling, planting trees and working on the Eco School Assembly.

Golf Club

Moderators - Mr. C. Cino, Mr. M. Mazzetti
Season - Spring

Students will play 4-6 rounds of golf together at various locations during the spring season. All tee off times are after school.  Open to all levels of golfers and for those who wish to learn how to play. Club fee applies.

Math Competition

Moderators - Mrs. M. Furbacher
Season -
Year Round
Students in all grades at Blessed Trinity have the opportunity to participate in a variety of mathematics competitions. These include the Canadian Mathematics Competition sponsored by the University of Waterloo.

School Reach

Moderators - Mrs. R. Heron
Season -
Year Round
School Reach is a Canada Wide competition based on the Reach for the Top television show. Students meet once or twice a week to practice answering questions based on high school curricula, current events and trivia. Grade 9 and 10 are intermediate competitors while grades 11 and 12 are seniors. Interschool competitions are held with the best senior team in the zone going to provincial finals. Students find this activity a great deal of fun - and it's educational! All students are welcome to attend.

Ski Club

Moderator - Mrs. C. Rome-Holloway
Season - Winter

For 6 evenings in January and February students travel to Holiday Valley Ski Resort in New York State to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Students can provide their own equipment or rent from the ski resort. Limited spaces available, buses leave Blessed Trinity on Wednesdays @ 1:15 p.m. and return @ 10:00 p.m.

Sky Pilots

Moderator - Ms. M. Davis
Season -
Year Round
Sky Pilots are a group of students led by the Chaplaincy Leader who are interested in developing Christian leadership skills. They enhance the spiritual life of the school by participating in Masses and prayer services, Pilgrimage, social justice projects, and awareness campaigns. Members of the Sky Pilots have opportunities to attend workshops such as "When Faith Meets Pedagogy" and "Development and Peace." The students use the knowledge gained from the workshops to raise awareness in the Blessed Trinity community about pressing social justice issues. Sky Pilots meet once a month Tuesday afternoons in the chapel and at other times as necessary.

Tech Crew

Moderator - Mr. R. Oliveira
Season -
Year Round
The tech crew is made up of dedicated students who setup complex video and audio equipment, often within a very restricted deadline, for assemblies and other activities such as the music department Christmas and Spring concerts.

Weight Room Club

Moderator - Mr. R. Vrataric, Mr. B. Hubbard, Mrs. L. Pucci
Season -
Year Round
Open to all students interested in getting fit. The new and improved facility hosts both cardio and weight training equipment and a new sound system. This club runs Monday-Thursday each week after school until 3:30 p.m. There is a $40 fee for the school year. This is a very popular and large club at Blessed Trinity every year.

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