April 2012

During the week of April 16th to the 20th, the chapel foundation walls were poured and the foundation was backfilled. In the south addition at the back of the school, lighting and flooring work continued. At the end of the week, the only floors yet to be completed were the science office and one of science labs. The floor in the music and weightroom also remain incomplete as they are made of a different product. Millwork in the staffroom was begun - mailboxes were completed and the desks in the teacher workroom were installed. Diffuser (vents from the ceiling) installation was begun. Light racks and sprinkler heads in the music room were installed. A gravel walkway was installed at the south entrance to the school for temporary use.

During the second week of April, the demolition of the northwest corner brickwork was done to prepare for the addition to the chapel. On Wednesday, April 11th the hole was dug for the foundation for the chapel. On Thursday, the footings were poured. Masons completed block work in the renovated special education area. Ductwok was installed in the spec ed area and in the area renovated for construction technology.

Ceiling tile installation began at the conclusion of the week and electrical outlet installation began. The ceramic tiles were installed in the entire first floor hallway. VCT tiles were installed in the two religion rooms at the southwest corner of the school. Music instrument storage cabeinets were installed. Lockers were installed throughout the entire south addition.

During the first week of April, the remainder of the ceiling grids were installed in the remainder of the addition. The brickwork on the south addition was completed. Masons then began to put up the blocks and bricks on the north (cafeteria) addition.

March 2012

During the final week of March, the roof was installed on the cafeteria and sunlights installed in the new resource room. The glass, beside each of the classroom doors was installed. The ceiling grid was installed in the hallway of the first floor and classroom grids were started. The new fitness centre was painted. Also, millwork was installed in the new staffroom.

Due to the unseasonably warm temperatures through March, Cecchini Masonry was able to begin the installing of the veneer (bricks) on the south part of the addition. During the March Break, the transition areas that tie in the old hallways with the new hallways were completed.

All classrooms were painted following the application of block filler. Ceramic tiles were installed on the second floor and the VCT tile installation began in the classrooms. The ceiling grid was installed in all second floor areas. Millwork installation began in the general classroom areas.

The new gymnasium ceiling was painted and the white portions of the walls received a final coat. The basketball nets were installed. The masons broke through the existing change rooms of the original building to provide access to a shower in each of the boys' and girls' change rooms of the new gymnasium.The music room ceiling and walls received final coats of paint.

The walls of the new special education rooms were begun and what was formerly the computer room between the construction and old technological design classroom was demolished. Masons worked inside during the month when th weather was poor.

The grid to accept the cladding on the top of the cafeteria was installed during the March Break. The parapits at the top of the roof were installed the following week.

Teaching Staff was provided with a tour following the Monday, March 26th staff meeting.

February 2012

During the March Break, the water will be shut off to the school on the Monday and Tuesday as they work on tying in the sprinkler lines of the existing building to the new building. There will also be extensive work done on the connecting areas. Staff is requested not to come into the building during that time.

Work is continuing to go well. Painting has begun and the grid for the ceiling tile is being placed. A product called Slurry is being spread on the second floor to smooth out the cement slabs so that the tile can be laid on top. Gym lighting is in and the ductwork will be installed this week so that the painteres can do the ceiling. Doors have been primed and they have already started priming the door frames on the second floor. In the new special education area, new cement block walls are being installed and the skylights in the resource area (due to the fact there are no windows) have been roughed in. The brick veneer work has begun starting on the new music area. The receiving area door has been installed as have the new exterior exit doors.

The roof on the south addition was finally completed on Friday, February 3rd. The roof deck on the north addition (Cafeteria) was installed on Saturday, February 4th.

The new structural supports beneath room 219, were installed and the temporary supports were removed. This was a major structural change to the existing school to facilitate the expansion to the sitting area of the cafeteria.

January 2012

At the end of January roofing had been completed on the gymnasium. The science and mechanical areas continue to only have decking due to poor weather. Heating was introduced to the first floor of the south addition the last week of January.

Also, during the last week of January, a stairway was put in on the east side of the gym stage to allow for safer access to storage. Lighting was installed on the mezzanine in the new hallway. The former exit from the gym to the outside was barricaded to facilitate the destruction of a wall to create a smooth hallway south of the fitness centre entrance. The curtain walls are 90% complete.

Drainage problems are being encountered on the west side of the building due to poor weather which has resulted in extensive puddling.

The final hookups of the new electrical room to the transformer, behind the new receiving area, were completed on January 3rd, 2012. Power to the school was shut down for the entire day. This will permit the use of the new boiler system to heat the south addition once the roof has been fully installed.

Work on the north part of the addition restarted with structural steel being installed and new posts in the cafeteria being installed. Due to warm weather, the bricklayers were able to lay the block for the weather and finished at the end of the week of January 13th.

Roofing on the south addition continued and on January 13th the areas completed to date included the music/receiving area, the mechanical room, and the south classrooms to the west hallway. The roof over the gym had begun and was almost half done on January 13th. There was rain on January 12th and snow on January 13th that prevented the roofers from working.

The curtain wall windows atthe south-east corner and south stairwell were installed. Spray foam insulation was underway on the south addition. Z-girts to hold up the aluminum covering, at the top of the south addition. Z-girts to hold up the aluminum covering, at the top of the south addition, were installed. Plumbing and electrical work is ongoing.

December 2011
Tuesday, December 20th, foam insulation was sprayedon the south addition while the weather was dry.

The roof deck arrived on site on Thursday, December 15th and was placed on the second floor trusses. Bracing and L-brackets were completed on Saturday, December 17th. The deck began to be spread out and welded on Tuesday, December 20th.

Temporary alterations were made to the old cyberquest room 124, were made that permitted technology design classes (122) to move in on Wednesday, December 21st. The old technology design room is to be converted to the special education classroom and resource.

The mechanical room outside of room 209 has been completed. The new boilers that were installed are to be turned on following the hookup of the new electrical room (outside of the new music room) in early January.

Classroom window installation was completed. Curtain windows at the southeast and the south stairwell are to be installed in the new year.

The north addition to the cafeteria addition iswell underway. Portions of the exterior wall have been demolished and a footing has been poured that will carry a new steel post that will bear the weight of the room 219. Due to the cold weather, and the lack of insulation below and on the east side of the wall, students in the english classes in 219 have been very cold. Temporary heaters have been installed.

November 2011
Roof trusses for the new gymnasium and mechanical room and stairs on the southeast entrance (by the new music room) were installed on Tuesday, November 22nd. Additional trusses on the south side were installed on Wednesday, November 23rd. The south stairs were installed on Thursday, November 24th. Blue skin membrane (SBS rubberized asphalt compound which is integrally laminated to a blue polyethylene film) installation began on November 24th. The membrane provides an air/vapour/rain barrier and eliminates drafts and water leakage.

Tuesday, November 1 roof trusses were installed in music and receiving areas including a key element to the addition, the electrical room. Monday, November 7th the roof underlay was installed in the area. Concrete blocks on the second floor continue to be laid. Plumbers and electricians rough in services for the second floor.


All mechanical equipment for the second floor arrived on site and was located on the second floor by the new mechanical room, behind the north wall on the second floor of the gym. Once the equipment arrived, masons began blocking the wall in, behind the new computer room on the second floor.
Duct work was well under way on the first floor and sprinklers for the fire suppression system were installed.

Window installation began the week of November 21st.
At this time, it is hoped that the roof will be on and the building sealed with heat, prior to the Christmas break.

October 2011
Several work days were lost during the month due to rain. In early October, the science floors were poured. On Thursday, October 13th and Friday, October 14th, precast concrete for the second floor was placed above the hallway, weightroom, religion rooms and languages rooms. Masons began laying concrete blocks on the second floor. All concrete blocks for first floor load bearing walls completed. The precast above the science areas and changerooms was laid on Tuesday, October 25th. The gym floor and change room floors were poured on Friday, October 28.

September 2011
Floors were poured in the music, receiving and first floor hallway. Science and gym areas to be poured later. Concrete blocks continue to be laid for the first floor walls which will be load bearing.

August 2011

Masonry crews arrived to begin laying cinder block for the renovated southwest stairway. The fire barrier on the existing south wall of the original school was removed as a safety precaution.

Floors were poured on August 18 for the southern rooms (religion & languages) of the south addition. Work commenced on upgrading the system to control the heating and air conditioning.

Temporary wall and door were installed in the cafeteria to facilitate the removal of a wall that will become the opening to the cafeteria expansion. A temporary wall and door were installed in the existing design technology room to facilitate an emergency exit.

July 2011

Demolition of the south wall of the existing school continued and the existing southwest stairway. The stairway needs to be renovated to exit to the west rather than the south of the building, prior to student occupancy in September, to ensure safe evacuation routes in the case of an emergency. Footing/foundation work was completed at the rear of the building. Areas were backfilled as plumbing/electrical rough-ins were completed.

The original cafeteria patio area was demolished in early July and the foundation poured during the last two weeks. The area was fenced off.

Weather throughout the month was excellent with no time lost due to rain.

June 2011

Foundation work continued throughout the first few weeks of June, excluding the music room/weightroom and southwest stairways. Foundation walls were backfilled. Plumbers and electricians were on-site to rough in services.

The brick covering of the south wall of the existing school of the school was removed during the last week of June.

Plans were reviewed and approved for Phase 3 of the project which includes an addition to the chapel and renovations to the main office and guidance areas.

Weather throughout the month of June was excellent and did not cause any delays.

May 2011

Tuesday, May 3rd the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held. Due to the rain, which began at 8 a.m. and continued heavily throughout the morning, the festivities were held in the gymnasium with the actual groundbreaking outside and broadcast to the students and parents in attendance via live feed.

Friday, May 6th Brouwer Construction mobilized at the site and had fencing put up for the south addition. The rear exits from the school were made accessible until the end of the school year.

Monday, May 9th heavy equipment arrived to begin removal of the asphalt parking lot and the granular base. Removal took approximately one week.

Monday, May 16th work began on the foundation footings starting with the southwest side of the addition and working to the east. Foundation work continued through the month of May.

April 2011

Tender closed on April 6th.

On April 12th, 2011 a special board meeting was held to approve the awarding of the construction contract to Brouwer Construction. There were five other bidders for the project. Brouwer Construction was also the contractor for the two new Grimsby elementary schools, St. Joseph and Our Lady of Fatima, which opened in September 2011.

Approved as part of the project were the first phase 1, which involved the moving of the south parking lot & installation of retaining wall, phase 2, classrooms and cafeteria expansion and phase 3, renovations to the guidance/main office areas and expansion of the chapel.


March 2011

Tenders went out to bidders following the March break.

December 2010 - March 2011

Plans for the initial addition phase of construction were sent for electrical, mechanical and civil drawings. The plans were also sent to the Town of Grimsby for comment and to the Fire Department.

November 2010
The sixteenth revision of the plans was received for comment

October 2010
Saturday, October 30th
Signage in the parking lot was installed.

Friday, October 22 and Monday, October 25
New exterior lighting was installed throughout the new parking lot.

September 2010
Monday, September 27th
Some additional Rosetta Stone was installed in the southeast corner of the parking lot to improve drainage. Hydroseeding of the grounds surrounding the new parking lot occurred. Hydroseeding is the spraying of a mixture of seed, fertilizer, tackifier and wood or paper fiber-mulch and water. The front of the school was sodded which completely hid the massive underground storage pipe installed earlier in the month. New sidewalks were poured at what will be the new rear exit from the school and the area separating student parking and the new bus departure lanes. Tuesday, September 28th was lost due to heavy rain - the good news was the new parking lot drained impeccably. Wednesday, September 29th an erosion blanket was installed covering the hydroseed. The remaining sidewalks were poured.

Monday, September 20th and Tuesday, September 21
The new student parking area was paved. The grounds outside of the parking lot were landscaped and graded by Stevensville Lawn Service. Parking lines and direction arrows were painted on Saturday, September 25.

The week of September 13th
Student parking was moved to the front of the school while curbing was poured in the new student parking lot at the back of the property. The northeast staff parking area was demolished in anticipation of the addition to the cafeteria.
Hoarding and safety fencing installed on Friday, September 3 for students in the back parking lot and at the front of the building. The north parking lot was closed for the first week of school as a massive underground storage pipe was installed the length of the property on Livingston. Students were required to park in a temporary lot at the back of the school while staff parked at St. Joseph’s church. Classes resumed on Tuesday, September 7th - busing at the end of the day is altered to depart in two waves due to the smaller temporary lot being used. The retaining wall was completed on Wednesday, September 8th. Bases for the light posts were installed by the end of the first week of school.

August 2010
Drainage improvements on the west side of the school are completed. Access road between St. Joseph’s and Blessed Trinity is installed. The road is left unpaved as it will be a construction access road for phase two. A retaining wall on the south property line is installed by Stevensville Construction. Excavation of the back parking lot began August 9th.

July 2010
Phase One of construction is approved and begins. Rankin Construction is awarded the contract to move the student parking lot further south on the school property, complete significant drainage improvements and install a second access to the school. The new access road will be used for construction vehicles during Phase Two.
Construction begins July 26th.

June 2010
It is decided that the best course of action is to begin construction in two phases. Phase One involves extensive work outside of the school to prepare the site for Phase Two which will be the construction of additional classrooms.

May 2010
Talks begin with the Town of Grimsby to pursue a partnership that would facilitate the construction of the auditorium.

September 2009
Meetings commence involving representatives from the plant department from Niagara Catholic (Mr. James Woods, Controller of Plant & Tony Ferrara, Project Manager), Raimondo & Associates (Emilio Raimondo & Chad Hindi) and school administration (Ted Farrell, Principal) to plan for the expansion. Talks begin with the hope of being able to add the classrooms, and build both a gymnasium and auditorium, and renovated currently undersized areas within the school such as guidance, the chapel and the main office.

July 2009
A meeting was held in early July for the Catholic School Council to hear in a presentation by representatives from the Niagara Catholic District School Board about the proposed schedule for construction.
Raimondo &Associates Architects Inc. were selected to design the expansion to Blessed Trinity. It is anticipated at this time that the construction of the expansion will eliminate the need for temporary classroom facilities on the current school site and will permit the removal of the original school which continued to be in use following the building of the permanent facility as temporary accommodations. The new facility will have the capacity for 1,100 students.

June 2009
Announcement of $11 million funding for an expansion to Blessed Trinity of 23 classrooms by Kim Craitor, MPP at a press conference in Fort Erie. At the time of the announcement the school had 970 students housed in a building, the portapack (original school) and 8 additional portables.

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