The Speak Up podcast is about you. It's about connecting what's happening in the classroom to real-life experiences outside school and giving you ways to help achieve your goals. So get involved, and listen for your chance to have your say.

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Speak Up initiative was inspired by Blessed Trinity students Ashley Reeves and Stephanie Nobles with the help of success classroom teacher Mr. John DiPasquale. Ashley and Stephanie’s idea was to create a forum whereby Blessed Trinity students could have their voices heard on various topics throughout the school year. The girls’ submitted their idea in the fall as part of the Ministry of Education’s “Student-led Teacher-facilitated Speak up Project” and were selected as one of the Provincial winners. As a result, Blessed Trinity received a grant to help finance the hardware to make this project possible.


Check out Ashley and Stephanie's interpretation of the song, "Change", a wonderful theme for such an influential and powerful project such as Speak Up.




Click here to hear: "Change" {mp3}Change{/mp3}